The Being Girls Club is a UK wide after school club aimed at girls aged 10 – 12. We provide carefully written and structured resources, written by leading educators and behavioural specialists, to guide the girls through mentor lead workshops and tasks, to help them understand the importance of self-belief, bravery and their own potential.

The clubs run weekly in schools, libraries and community centres, and mentorship is aimed at educators not linked directly to the girls. Amazingly designed resources and further information will be available on our website, coming very soon.

"Empowering girls is more than just telling them that it's ok to like football or that they don't have to like pink. It's about making girls brave to give them more possibilities and options and not feel restricted. In a time where Amazon wants to fly my grocery shopping to my front door with a drone, and Google wants my car to drive me to work itself, we still feel it's 'impressive' every time we meet a female software engineer or political leader. We need to help our girls be braver, so we can change this from an exception to the norm!"  

- Tracey Johnson, Founder of The Being Girls Club

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